Thursday, December 24, 2009

Paint Christmas For Me

Here's a little something I made for the Holiday Season. Merry Christmas, all!!

Paint me a picture, puppet. One with snow abound and jolly aplenty of the Christmas' long ago, and the Christmas to be rendered. One with a pine tree, freshly cut and needles seemingly array, bringing about the renowned cheer of Christmas day.

Don't stop there, puppet. The picture isn't finished, yet.
Don't forget to paint the children aglow, writing letters simply addressed to the North Pole, and don't forget our old friend, St. Nicholas, checking his list not only once but twice, in preparation for the big day.

What's that, puppet? Oh yes, how could I have forgotten?!
The popcorn a'poppin', the stockings a'hung, the fire a'crack'a'ling, the children they hum. The presents are neatly placed, with ribbons and bows, the light from the tree creates a great glow. The candy canes are hung, numbered so few, ornaments and mistletoe, decorated just for you.

Be patient, puppet, we're almost through.
Carols and story's, being sung and read, second chances are given, hope revealed in His birth, the old year is goodbye'd, the new year is greeted. So Merry Christmas to you, and a Happy New Year, too.