Saturday, February 18, 2006

comic of the week!

This is a short comic strip I did, here's the story:

My name is Logan Square. When growing up in the city of New York, I had my big brother, Redge. He could strike fear in your eyes without even trying. He fit right in with New York. He always lied, and cheated. And the worse part of it all was, he stole. He finally got caught in the act of stealing, at age fifteen. Sense that day, my brother was sent to military school, and I promised myself, I would never be like Redge. But I would try and stop people who were like my brother. I wanted to become an FBI agent, and put criminals in jail. After I finished high school, I did become an FBI agent. But little did I know, it would change my life. It was a cold night, when I was on a stakeout for some thieves. There was some nano materials in a lab. If fallen in the wrong hands, it could be used for great evil. As I waited throughout the night, I finally saw just what I was waiting for. Some thugs were sneaking into the lab. I called for in reinforcement, and followed the thugs. It wouldn’t be long before they found the nano materials, so I had to sneak up on them. I got right behind the both of them, when I shouted,

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